IMEA Title

IMEA Board Job Descriptions


  • Have a vision/direction to help lead the IMEA Board in decision making
  • Be the resource for any questions regarding IMEA matters
  • Attend all IMEA Board meetings
  • Attend all NW Board meetings
  • Attend all social functions involving state and national leadership
  • Attend NAfME National Assembly meetings with President-Elect
  • Be a wise steward of IMEA funds at all times
  • Supervise Business Manager, Publications Chair and Webmaster
  • Schedule, secure meeting site and hotel and oversee all IMEA Board Meetings
    • All State Planning Meeting
    • Post Conference Meeting
    • Summer Summit
    • Fall board meeting
    • IMEA Board Meeting at All-Northwest
  • Write agendas for IMEA Board Meetings
    • Keep meetings on task
  • Delegate and follow up on NAfME requests in a timely manner
  • Distribute NAfME information to all IMEA members
  • Appoint people to fill vacancies on the IMEA Board

All State Conference

  • Secure All-State conference site
  • Secure speakers for opening and closing sessions
  • Arrange for lodging, transportation and meals for NAfME leadership or keynote speakers
  • Supervise the in-service sessions for All-State conference
    • Appoint session chairs and distribute session chairs duties
    • Appoint session site chairs if needed
      • Determine technology requirements for sessions
  • Work with Past-President to align performing groups with conference sessions
  • Organize and MC All-State banquet
  • Communicate with President-Elect regarding Conference/Honor Group logistics
  • Create a theme and logo for the conference
  • Provide Publications Chair and Webmaster with information for publicity and the program binder
    • Date and Site of Conference – one year prior
    • Conference Theme and Logo - one year prior
    • Conference issue of Music Notes needs to have all the session titles, clinicians and tentative schedule, along with clinician photos (publication quality), by January 1 of the conference year
    • Session descriptions due by February 15 of the conference year
    • Keynote speakers and publicity photos by January 1 of the conference year
    • Keynote speakers general session topics by January 1 of conference year
    • Special events and banquet information by January 1 of conference year
    • Final binder information due one month prior to conference
  • Delegate and oversee in the selection and presentation process of service awards
    • Music Educator of the Year
      • Selection chaired by previous year’s recipient
    • Administrator of the Year
    • IMEA Hall of Fame
    • IHSAA Hall of Fame
    • IHSAA Distinguished Service Awards
    • National Federation Section Awards, NAfME
  • Preside at IMEA Business Meeting at the All State Conference
    • Secure candidates for IMEA President-Elect
    • Take nominations for open offices on IMEA Board

Fall Board Meeting

Deadlines for Idaho Music Notes

  • Fall News Letter – August 15
    • Welcome back and come to the conference
  • Fall Music Notes – October 15
    • Column can relate to fall board meeting or any general issue
  • Winter Music Notes – January 15
    • Column can be general or conference related
  • Spring Music Notes – May 1
    • Column can be conference reflection or general issues

Updated July 21-23, 2013


  • Attend all IMEA Board meetings.
  • Represent Idaho and be an active participant at the NW Board meetings
  • Attend NAfME National Assembly meetings with President
  • Have a vision/direction to help lead the IMEA Board in decision making
  • Be a wise steward of IMEA funds at all times
  • Be available to fill in for President when needed
  • Use technology to communicate effectively
  • Work closely with President to learn logistical and planning aspects of the All State Conference
  • Update and maintain files of all actions

All-State Conference

  • Appoint All-State Honor Group Chairs and inform of their duties
  • Appoint All-State Rehearsal Site Chairs
  • Oversee audition process for All-State Honor Groups
    • Send any changes in audition material to Webmaster by January 10 of the year prior
    • Information for audition procedures and deadlines are due to Publications Chair and Webmaster by April 15 of the year prior
  • Oversee student registration process and deadlines and coordinate with Webmaster
  • Secure sites for All-State Honor Group rehearsals
  • Create a daily schedule for All-State Honor Groups
  • Secure site for All-State Honor Group Gala Concert
  • Arrange for tickets, ushers, programs, MC, set concert times
  • Arrange for concert recordings and deliver to IMEA Webmaster
  • Secure hotels for All-State Honor Groups
  • Establish a check in procedure
  • Create name tags and information packets for Honor Group students and chaperones
  • Arrange for student and chaperone meals
  • Arrange for student bussing
  • Make arrangements for an on-call Nurse
  • Arrange for security during the night in each hotel and order security shirts
  • Recruit chaperones
  • Secure student activity night location
  • Order shirts for Honor Groups using current NAfME logo
  • Send Information to be published to IMEA Publications Chair and Webmaster
    • Clinician Biographies
    • Print Quality Clinician Photos (150-300 dpi)
      • Deadline – September 15 of year prior to Conference
    • All State Honor Groups Repertoire Lists
      • Deadline – December 15 of year prior to Conference
    • Final Group Schedule
      • 4 weeks prior to Conference
  • Send a scanned copy of cover sheet and first page of all honor group pieces to IMEA Webmaster
  • Delegate and organize screening of All-Northwest Honor Groups
Updated July 21-23, 2013


All-State Conference

  • Elementary Honor Choir
    • Assign chair and assist as needed
  • Work with IMEA President on logistics of conference sessions and concert hours
  • Concert Hours
    • Publish on line and in Music Notes the call for recordings for the concert hours
      • Recordings can be digital or on CD
    • Organize the recordings by type and grade level; choirs, concert bands, orchestras, jazz choirs, jazz bands, other
    • Compile a playlist or CD of each type of group and assign a number and code to each ensemble so that screenings are blind
    • Assign screeners to rank the recordings in each genre
    • Make the final selections for the concert hours base on the recommendations of the screeners taking into consideration a good balance of genre
    • Send out thank you letters to the directors of all the groups who auditioned
    • Send out congratulatory letter, information and forms requesting program information and equipment needs for each of the groups selected
    • Request program information for each group
    • Request a director bio for each group and a photo of the group
    • Work with the directors of the groups selected to schedule date and times for the concert hours
    • Plan for equipment needs, including; chairs, stands, choir risers, sound systems, sound shell, percussion equipment and pianos
    • Schedule warm-up and performance times for each group
    • Arrange for a stage crew to set up and strike for each concert hour
    • Organize the written program for each groups concert hour and send to the Publication Chair to be printed in the conference binder
    • Submit photos of the groups and director for the conference binder
    • Arrange for Presiders for each concert hour.
    • Write introductions for each group and their director
    • Arrange for a commemorative plaque for each group and their director
      • Award the plaque at the end of each group’s performance
    • Arrange for the recording of each groups performance
    • Greet each performing ensemble as they arrive and direct them to the warm-up area
      • Be sure they have all the equipment needed
      • Supervise the stage crew
      • Take pictures of each group
    • Send thank you letter and recordings to each group

Attend NW Board Meeting and NAfME meetings in the absence of the IMEA President
Music Notes deadline for Concert Hour Performing Groups, with publicity photos is January 15 of conference year

Updated July 21-23, 2013


  • Is a member of the IMEA Executive Board
  • Attends IMEA Board Meetings
  • Obtains updated contact information for IMEA Board Members
  • Records and keeps the minutes of the Association and of the Executive Board Meetings
  • Distributes minutes to IMEA Board and Music Notes
  • Creates a list of ACTION ITEMS from meeting minutes and sends to Executive Board and all other IMEA officers who need to know
  • Oversees and assists in the handling of the funds of the Association by the IMEA Business Manager
  • Prepares the registration for the biennial conference of the IMEA
  • Assists in registration at other IMEA activities
  • Keeps and maintains the current list of members of the Association
  • May be delegated other duties by the President or Executive Board
Updated July 21-23, 2013

IMEA Business Manager

Not yet defined.


Elected by Executive Board

  • Is an ex-officio member, with voting rights, if the IMEA Executive Board
  • Three year term with a maximum of 2 terms
  • Attends IMEA Board Meetings (1-2 scheduled per calendar year)
  • Attends IHSAA Meetings (6 scheduled per calendar year)
  • Represents IMEA Board regardless of personal bias
  • Sends a report to IMEA Executive Board following each IHSAA Board Meeting
  • Obtain updated IHSAA Music Rules and send to the IMEA Webmaster and Publications Chair
Updated July 21-23, 2013


  1. When elections are held or there is a change in leadership, immediately inform the IMEA President, Secretary, Business Manager, Publications Chair, and Web-Master of the change.
  2. Serve on the District Board of Control as the Music Representative.  Become involved in helping the board resolve music concerns.
  3. Oversee all district music activities. Make sure they are well organized and attended.
  4. Conduct the District Fall Rules Meeting. This is usually the first meeting of the school year for all the music teachers in the district.
  5. Read the music section of the IHSAA Handbook and help enforce the rules.
  6. Attend all board meetings of the IMEA. There is a yearly Fall Board Meeting at the end of September/beginning of October. This is usually held in Boise. Occasionally there may be a Summer Board Meeting. Your expenses for the Fall Board Meeting are paid for by your district’s music account.
  7. For the Fall Board Meeting, prepare and present a report to the IMEA Board about the previous years activities, finances, the coming year events, and any concerns or problems in your district.
  8. Update the IMEA Website database for the teachers and schools in your district. The web-master can send you an Excel file with the current information. You can then make corrections in the file and return it to him so he can make the changes.
  9. Oversee all district music funds. Provide the IMEA Board an accounting of your district music funds at the Fall Board Meeting. Forward a copy to the web-master.
  10. Help set the District Music Calendar in the spring. As soon as it is set, forward a copy to the IMEA Publications Chair and the web-master.
  11. If there is any information you would like available on the IMEA Website, forward it to the web-master for posting.

Publications Chair/Music Notes Editor

  • Set sponsorship rates for school year publications; notify sponsors by late July of deadlines for sponsorship reservations and ad copy.
  • Update sponsor data base and build sponsorship spreadsheet.
  • Update master mailing list.
  • Remind secretary to send current membership list on a monthly basis.
  • Update SDE Public School address generic list.
  • Procures IMEA state and district current officers and chairmen with contact info for contents page.
  • Reminds and keeps reminding IMEA officers and contributors of deadlines for columns, news, etc.
  • Fall Newsletter should be mailed last week of August-second week of September.
  • Pay Bulk Mail Permit Fee at the Post Office.
  • Attend all Board meetings at which Publications Chair is requested to attend. Be prepared to give a financial report.
  • Send reminders for Fall issue of MUSIC NOTES: ads, columns, news, reprints (must obtain permission).
  • Produce/Edit Fall issue of MUSIC NOTES; it should mail by second week of November.
  • Send first set of invoices.
  • Produce/Edit Winter issue of MUSIC NOTES; it should mail by first week of February.
  • Send second set of invoices.
  • In a Conference year, ask for ad sponsors for Binder, gather all Conference information and produce the Conference Program Binder.
  • Assist at Conference during Conference year.
  • Produce/Edit Spring issue of MUSIC NOTES; it should mail by second week of May.
  • Send final invoices.
  • Produce other print and email publications as needed: Monthly IMEA Newsletter, College Scholarship deadlines, Sponsor promotions.
First Draft July 2014


  • Attend IMEA Board Meetings
  • Maintain all content on the IMEA Web Site
  • Maintain the teacher/school database
  • Maintain a database of music teacher email addresses
  • Maintain the server
  • Maintain the IMEA Calendar of Events
  • Facilitate auditions and screening for All-State and All-Northwest
  • Facilitate the registration of State Solo entries
  • Take photographs at IMEA events and post them on the website
  • Develop or obtain apps to make the web site more functional
  • Provide links and connections to the NAfME and NW Division websites
  • Facilitate the distribution of information to the members
  • Maintain the IMEA Hall of Fame
  • Facilitate voting for IMEA elected officers
  • Stay current on technology issues relating to website development, maintenance, and social media
First Draft July 2014

All-State Group Chairs

Not yet defined.

All-State Session Chairs

Not yet defined.