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IMEA Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The mission of the Idaho Music Educators Association is to advance, and advocate for standards based Music Education in all Idaho schools, to foster personal and professional growth of music educators, and to encourage and enhance musical opportunities for all students throughout the state.

Vision Narrative


The Idaho Music Educators Association (IMEA) views music as an essential component to a well-rounded education. IMEA promotes music as a life-long skill while developing artistry, musicianship and music literacy. Programs offer individualized instruction, integrated subject areas, and develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The organization provides in- services, instructional materials, advocacy support and general assistance through cooperation with The National Association for Music Education (NAfME). IMEA serves all members by offering access to information and support materials, regardless of employment assignment or discipline.


IMEA believes that the most important factor towards excellence in music education is our membership. Personnel in IMEA should be highly qualified teachers, certified in music education. These cooperative individuals work in harmony with the various regional representatives from around the state, patrons, school districts, Idaho High School Activities Association (IHSAA), and the State Department of Education. Members are encouraged to network at in-services, conferences and to take an active role within their regions.


IMEA embraces and utilizes a collaborative decision-making process. Decisions are based on internal and external information discussed with members. This process provides direction for all stakeholders in developing, implementing, and incorporating IMEA's long range plan. Our Board of Directors embrace long-range planning, and develop policies and procedures for implementation. The organization's representatives and governing board provide guidance, training, and funding to support the efforts of the members.


IMEA uses our financial and human recourses to support and foster excellence in music education in the state of Idaho. IMEA will provide professional development and support through conferences and in-service opportunities. IMEA will strive to utilize our own members' expertise and experience as well as that of our institutions of higher learning to enrich all of our members musical programs.


IMEA places a high priority on maintaining effective communication with all stakeholders. The use of all available technology to enhance communication is essential to create and maintain a positive and supportive environment for music education within the state of Idaho. We encourage cohesion by viewing the members and the organization as a team, which works for the benefits of all members and the students we serve.


  1. Be the leading advocate for Music Education for all students in the State of Idaho.
    • Strategy #1: Hill Day – Idaho Legislature and State Department of Education
    • Strategy #2: Gather data regarding current K-12 music course offerings and minutes of instruction by school district, concerning students being served by a certified or non-certified music instructor.
    • Strategy #3: Identify schools/school districts where there is no music instruction and help strategize with districts to reinstate music programs.
  2. To develop and maintain productive working relationships with other professional organizations.
    • Strategy #1: Hill Day – Idaho Legislature and State Department of Education.
    • Strategy #2: Develop relationships with the Idaho Administrators Association, Idaho School Board Association and Idaho Middle Level Association.
    • Strategy #3: Develop relationships with other arts organizations ie. Idaho Arts Council, Idaho Humanities Council, Idaho Art Educators Association and Idaho Music Teacher Association.
    • Strategy #4: Continue and strengthen relationships with Idaho Orff, Idaho String s Teacher Association (ISTA), Idaho Choral Directors Association (ACDA), and Idaho Band Masters.
  3. Implement a state-wide mentor program for novice teachers.
    • Strategy #1: Develop mentorship protocol.
    • Strategy #2: Begin implementation with matched mentors and novice teachers.
    • Strategy #3: Gain feedback from both mentors and novice teachers in the form of a survey.
  4. Provide instructional resources and professional learning group opportunities for current Idaho Educators.
    • Strategy #1: Establish a resource site on the website for instructional strategies and best practices.
    • Strategy #2: Establish professional learning communities communication protocol.
    • Strategy #3: Provide regional Professional Development opportunities for K-12 teachers during state in-service days or other established professional development days.

This strategic plan will be re-visited each fall by the board of directors of the IMEA, to review and update objectives.

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